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Location: In a village Number of rooms (excludes
halls, bathrooms and WCs):
Price of property for sale (Euros): 475000 Number of shower or bathrooms: 2
Minimum rental per week (Euros): 0 Number of WCs: 2
Condition: New build Property size (m2): 180
Local facilities include: Size of grounds (m2): 600
Seaside: Seaside    

Plans of the house
Plan : south fašade
Plan : north fašade
Plan : east fašade
Plan : west fašade

Ground floor
First foor

Description of House in Brittany:
The house is located on the wild coast of the most beautiful island of France, Belle Ile, at the beginning of a small path leading to the sea.
The house is located on the wild coast, in a beautiful small village named Pouldon, just at the beginning of a small path leading to the sea. You will enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the country.

It a 2,000 square feet (195m▓) house with 6 bedrooms plus its separated 260 square feet (25m▓) garage on the top of which a separated bedroom and its bath room is planed

On the ground floor, you have :

the 82 square feet (7.7m▓) entrance with its separated toilets
the 205 square feet (19.1m▓) living room
the 399 square feet (37.1m▓) dining room
the 235 square feet (21.9m▓) kitchen
a 134 square feet (12.5m▓) bedroom with its own 60 square feet bath room
On the first floor, you have :

5 bedrooms : twice 131 square feet (12.2m▓); once 142 square feet (13.2m▓); once 147 square feet (13.7m▓); & once 166 square feet (15.5m▓)
a 77 square feet (7.2m▓) bath room (a second bathroom on the first floor is feasable)
a separated toilet
the top of the separated garage is planed :

a 149 square feet (13.9m▓) bedroom
a 45 square feet (4.2m▓) bath room with its toilet
The house is oriented to the south and has been built on a 6,460 square feet (600m▓) land.

Still under construction, the house will be delivered in May 2009. It is a good opportunity for the potential buyer to select the materials (tiled floor, paints, taps, furnitures, ...).

The price requested for the house is 475,000 Ą.

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Belle Ile en Mer - Surrounding area:
Belle Ile en Mer is located in the south of Brittany. Belle-Ile, “beautiful island”, a name full of promises, and the island keeps them all.
The largest island of the Ponant islands (length of 20 kms and width of 9 kms) is a land of contrasts: natural harbours and deep rias, deeply embanked coves facing a blue turquoise sea, long fine golden sandy beaches, superb dunes, jagged cliffs and grottos…

This little paradise is divided into 4 Communes ( French administrative territory) :

1. Le Palais, “the capital” with its vigil, an imposing Citadel
2. Sauzon, a cute, pastel-coloured harbour
3. Bangor and the great lighthouse of Gouphar peering over the wild coast
4. Locmaria, where its village huddles around a small church chock-full of legends.

There are so many things to do in Belle Ile that you will never spend the same day or have the same holidays on the island. One of the reasons that makes this island so appreciable by anyone who came once in Belle Ile is the richness of the activities that Belle Ile offers.

1. You will never grow weary of walking on the coastal paths, on the top of the cliffs, contemplating the sea and enjoying the silence of the country.

2. You will cycle from one typical village to another one, wandering in one of the ports of the island, ...; your bicycle will give you access to beautiful places that you could not reach with a car.

3. Your children will spend hours on the nice beaches and their white sand, swiming in the blue turquoise sea. You will never go to the same beach due to the multitude and the island offers the possibilty to spend one full day on one of this numerous creeks just being yourself : your private beach.

4. Belle Ile en Mer is one of the best places in France for sailing, with the choice between windsurf, dinghy boats, catamarans or sailing yachts. Sailing around the island in a day or saling to the neighbouring islands (Houat, Ile aux Chevaux, Hoedic, Groix, ...) is the favourite activity of the sailers of the island. The French Sailing School of Belle Ile will instruct the novices or rent you a motor boat.

5. If you are not a sailer, maybe you are a good surfer. Belle Ile has one of the most famous beach of Brittany for surfing with many championships organised. Also, the The French Surfing School of Belle Ile will instruct the novices on the Beach of Donnant.

6. Thanks to his blue turquoise and clearness sea, Belle Ile is also a favourite place for fishing and diving. The sub-marine faun and the flora is very rich and diverse. Some daily excursions are proposed by the Diving School.

7. For the golf players, it will be a real challenge to play on the court of Belle Ile located on the top of the cliffs, next to the sea. The view from the court does not have any equivalents.

8. At the beginning or the end of the day, there is nothing more romantic than riding an horse on the beaches, contemplating the sunrise or the sunset.

9. The aerodrome of Belle Ile will also propose you many activities such as flying above the island, parachuting, passing you pilot licence, gliding, ...

10. You will join the hunting communauty of Belle Ile and will hunt pheasant, hares, ...

11. Maybe you came to Belle Ile just to relax. In such a case, you will go to the Thalasso of Belle Ile and have a memorable time.

12. ... there are so many other things that you can do in Belle Ile.

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